Why our lashes are so different to others on the market

Why our lashes are so different to others on the market

Celebrity Lashes Official have truly re defined lash luxury.

Are you over spending so much money and time on getting extensions and damaging your own natural lashes?

How do you feel when we tell you that you that there is now a new option taking the world by storm? Our lashes have been designed by the owner who is an award winning lash artist, beauty therapist and makeup artist. She found over her 15 years in beauty that there were no false lashes on the market that were easy to apply for customers and had the ability to blend in with the natural lash line like extensions and were comfortable. The owner of Celebrity Lashes Official ended up getting reactions to extensions after having her son and worked out that lash extensions are not only damaging to the natural lash over time but also cause many eye issues as the toxic glues were never made to continue to be used and were more so made for occasional wear. 

From here Celebrity Lashes Official was born. The owner hand crafted every lash to look like popular extensions she had crafted for clients over the years and also lashes that suited every eye shape and then sent these to a manufacturer to be made. 

Now here is what truly makes our lashes so different, they are waterproof and you can sleep in them. Our lashes are made to be worn for up to two weeks and some customers who look after their lashes have been able to wear them for even longer. You can simply keep our lashes on or take them off every night and re apply in the morning. One thing we love hearing the most is that customers that have tried so many lashes, even makeup artists working in the industry for years have found the lashes so easy to use compared to others and are truly what everyone has been wanting for so many years.

So what are you waiting for? try our lashes today and we guarantee you will be converted. 


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