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Glam Lashes - 2 layers of Hand Made Premium Faux Mink

Care Information

Lash application:
Apply two coats of mascara to your natural lashes.
Using celebrity lashes tweezers, gently pull each lash from the box by the outer corner of the lashes, slowly peel off.
Now you will need to cut the lashes from the outer corner to fit the length of your lash line.
To measure how much you need to cut off, simply place the lash on your lash line and see where your lash line ends, this will show you how much you need to cut off.
With most customers, you only will need to cut off one fan from the outer corner (never cut from the inner corner)
For maximum comfort you can also cut the extended lash line that is on the inner lash.
Brush a glue along with lash line of the first lash and allow to set for 5 seconds, now apply the lash to your lash line by simply tilting the head back slightly, press the lash line down from the outer corner into the inner corner using your tweezers.
You can also grab the lash itself using the tweezers to make sure the lash is in perfect position.

Tip: apply a small amount of liquid liner to the lash line before applying lashes to create an extreme glam effect.

Removal of lashes: Gently peel off the lashes from the outer corner and place in lash box. Lashes can be re used for up to two weeks. Lashes are waterproof and once dried can be re worn.

For re application: you can gently peel off excess glue from the lash band and then re apply new glue


  • Hand Made Premium Faux Mink
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